Clinking in the Dark

CLINKING IN THE DARK   ‘Clink! Clink!’ came the uncanny sound from somewhere outside the Gupta farmhouse. Rakhi and her mother had come to visit her aunt and uncle’s farmhouse inKarjat, a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai city. Rakhichecked the time and it was midnight. Scary thoughts came to her as she lay awake, tossing in her bed, trying to put her finger on the... Continue Reading →

The Check-up

                    When I was eight years old, I was diagnosed with a lazy eye in my left eye. The ‘lazy eye’ simply put is a genetic disease due to which your eye is unable tosee as well as it should. If the ‘lazy eye’ was not... Continue Reading →

The Decision

About a few thousand – something years ago, there lived a universe entirely different. Here, a human was either good or bad. Either light or dark. Nothing in between. When you are born, you are sent down The Path in a sort of carriage. The Path is like a separation between the two worlds. That’s... Continue Reading →

Watermelon Sorbets

What do you do, when you start craving watermelon sorbet? Do you go out and buy it....with sugar? or do you make it....sugarless? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Ingredients: 1 watermelon 1 tbs of honey 2 lemons Recipe: 1.Cut the watermelon in big slices make sure that the watermelon isn't over-ripe _______________ 2. Take out all the pulp (make... Continue Reading →

Pitch Plastic

  Plastic is everywhere! It is in our homes, our entertainment areas, our work areas… just everywhere, you would probably wearing plastic right now your spectacles or watch with plastic components. Plastic is essential to daily lives. Plastics offer a wide range of properties that are of great use to manufacturers. Take  a walk just... Continue Reading →

The Techxperiment

I was born into a generation that has ubiquitous connectivity, making it a difficult task for me to assess whether I am too dependent on mobile phones and computers. So, in preparation for this article, I switched myself off from the connected technology world for a day. There were moments where I would just clutch... Continue Reading →

From Bullied to Boss

A boy was born in Pretoria, South Africa on the 28th of June, 1971. He attended a school which was restricted to whites because South Africa was under Apartheid legislation. He criticised for his size, looks and for being nerdy and despite being a white, he felt lonely. He never fit in well with the... Continue Reading →

Schezwan Noodles

Hey! Its been a while since I tried a new recipe. So, this time I decided to experiment with one of my favourite foods - Schezwan Noodles. I was super excited to cook it so I completely forgot to take pictures. LOL! I cooked in a large quantity, enough to serve 6-7 people.  INGREDIENTS: Noodles Olive Oil... Continue Reading →

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