Chilli Cheese Toast

Usually, while cooking I just take the basic ingredients from the net and then experiment on my own. This is how I prepared my Chilli Cheese Toast.

Ingredients required:

(Serves 8)

1) 7-8 slices of bread.

2) 2 capsicums

3) 2 tomatoes

4) 1-2 tablespoons of butter

5) chilli sauce or tomato ketchup ( I took “hot and sweet chilli sauce”, “chilli garlic sauce” and “green chilli sauce”)

6) 2-3 slices of cheese

7) salt

8) oregano and chilli flakes for garnishing (optional)


1. Dice the tomatoes and capsicums into small pieces and mix them in a mixing bowl. Preheat the oven at 200degrees Celsius.

2. Grate the cheese

3. Mix the cheese, vegetables, salt, chilli sauce(s) and salt.

4. Mix it well

5. Butter the bread(s)

6. Spread the mixture on the bread. You can even grate more cheese on the bread if you like…

7. Bake the bread for 10-15 mins until it is crisp. You can even garnish it with oregano and chilli flakes.

Tada!!! Your Chilli Cheese Toast is ready! Enjoy your meal! Bon Appetite!

A/N: Hey guys! Tell me how your dish turned out in the comments section below or you can even email me at –


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