Ram and Shyam – I

Once upon a time, near the banks of the Ganges river lived twin brothers with their father. Their names were Ram and Shyam. Of the two, Shyam was the dominant one always trying to get the better of Ram. As a result, the twins would constantly fight.

One day, tired of their constant arguments, their wise father decided to teach his sons a lesson. He called his sons and told them that he would soon be leaving on a business trip. He further instructed them that while he was gone they were to take care of his most favourite cow and share her milk.

Shyam immediately thought of a plan on how he could trick Ram and get more milk. Once their father left, he went to Ram and proposed that they divide the cow from the middle. Ram could keep the front half and Shyam could keep the back half of the cow. Without thinking twice, Ram agreed to this.

The next day, Ram went to milk the cow but Shyam stopped him. On asking for an explanation, Shyam said that according to their agreement Shyam owned The back half was his and so only he could milk the cow. Ram realised that he was naïve and had been tricked.The only thing that Ram could do was feed the cow.

The next day, Ram came up with a plan to take revenge on Shyam. While Shyam was milking the cows, Ram went and tickled it from the front. Naturally, the cow kicked its hind legs behind hurting Shyam.

”What are you doing Ram?” asked a shocked Shyam.

”Just tickling the cow. After all, the front half if mine right? I can do what I want with it.”

That was when Shyam realised that this time he has been outwitted.

The two brothers started taking turns to milk the cow from then on and learned the importance of sharing.

When their father returned from his trip he was overjoyed to see his sons sharing and getting along.

A/N: Hey guys! This is one of the stories I grew up hearing! There are a few more versions of this story which I will post too! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below or you can email me at – fluorescent.lighted.dreams@gmail.com

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