Vegetarian Sushi without sushi mat

Hey guys! This is the first time I tried making sushi and well – it turned out delicious! I hope you like it!!


(Makes 12 pieces)

1) 3-4 sheets of dried seaweed

2) 2 small carrots

3) 1 red capsicum

4) 2 cucumbers or 1 ripe avocado


6) soy sauce to serve

7) 1 big bowl of rice


1) cut the vegetables. Cut them in long stripes.

2) boil the carrots till it becomes slightly soft. I did it in the microwave so it did not become too soft.

3) Mix the rice with vinegar. I had 2 cups of rice so I mixed 3-4 tbs of vinegar. Quantity may wary.

4) Lay a towel on the platform. Put clear film on the tower and place the dried seaweed on it. Make sure the Shiney side is at the bottom.

5) Spread the rice on the seaweed. Be careful not to put too much rice. It may burst.

(I was using a plate to put the rice on and then transferred it to the towel. You can put it directly on the clearfilm placed on the towel.)

6) Put the vegetables on one side.

7) Gently roll the seaweed and wrap the clearfilm around it.

8) Press in lightly to make sure that the roll is firm. Then remove the cling film.

9) Carefully cut the roll into pieces using a sharp knife.

10) Serve with soya sauce.

Enjoy your Sushi!!

Dōzo omeshiagarikudasai!

(enjoy your meal)

A/N: Hey guys!! How’s life? Anyways, this is the first time I tried making Sushi and it turned out great! (I guess I just have to work on my cutting 😂) Let me know how your Sushi turned out in the comments section below or you can email me at –


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