Eggless Creme Brûlée

Hey guys! This is the recipe I used to make an eggless Creme Brûlée (without the torch)


(Serves 8)

1) 3 cups of toned milk

2) 1 cup of fresh cream

3) 4 tbs of Vanilla Custard Powder

4) 5 tbs of sugar

5) 8 tbs of brown sugar

6) water

7) butter


1) boil the milk.

2) use 2 cups of milk. Add cream, mix well and heat for 3-4 minutes

3) Put custard powder in the remaining milk and mix well. Make sure it dissolves.

4) Add this mixture👆🏻 to the milk and cream mixture. Heat it until it becomes thick.

5) Add the sugar to mixture and make sure that it mixes completely.

6) Then let it cool down a bit.

7) put it in the serving bowls

8) refrigerate it for a while. Approx 2:30hrs.

9) meanwhile, if you don’t have a brûlée torch, melt your brown sugar. First, add a little butter and then, the sugar. If it is very thick, add a little water. Be careful not to make it very liquid-y.

10) Your cold custard will look like this.

Then finally, spread your melted sugar on the custard.

You have made it! I hope you liked the recipe!!

A/N: Hey guys! Wassup? Tell me how your Creme Brûlée turned out in the comments section below or you can email me at –


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