Catch – 22

Christian was paying all his monthly bills, when he realised that his  electricity bill was missing. The bill which usually arrived on the 1st of every month, hadn’t arrived yet and it was the 6th of July.  He assumed that it might have just gotten mixed up in the mail and  would soon arrive.

Another week passed, there was no sign of the bill. So the next day, Christian sat outside by the window waiting for the postman, sipping his chamomile tea.

At exactly 8:00a.m. the postman walked past the house and Christian jumped up, raced out the front door and down the street after the postman.

”Hey mister, wait up. I live in apartment number 68 and I haven’t received any of my post in the past few weeks. What’s happening?”

”Oh yes, number 68! We cannot deliver post there.”

”Why not, now?”

”The letter box is an unfit repository and the aperture is too big. so anyone can reach there hand down and steal the post, making it very unsafe.”

Christian remembered that his landlord has replaced his letterbox to a bigger one with an opening big enough for a large human hand to fit in, so that packages could also be put in, instead of leaving it out on the doorstep. It was very thoughtful, he felt.

”Ah yes, my landlord did replace it. But not that it makes any difference, it would never be locked!”

‘Well man, I’ve got orders. There ain’t no way I’m not gonna follow them orders. So, I can’t deliver mail to you.”

”You could’ve informed me of this earlier, you know.”

”We did”

”No, you did not.”

”Yes, we did.”

”I’m saying that you didn’t!”

Christian now started getting annoyed with the postman.

”Only, I did. I wrote to my seniors explaining that you had an unsafe mailbox. My boss wrote back to you explaining that we couldn’t deliver the mail and that it would be returned back to the sender.”

”I never received that letter, I’ve been checking my mail everyday and no one in this neighbourhood has the enthusiasm to steal mail, of all things!”

”I know! I couldn’t deliver it because you had an unsafe receptacle for receiving mail!” 

A/N: Hey guys! what up? I haven’t written for like a long time because I’ve been working on another special something!! Anyways, how did you like the story? My friend told me about this and asked me to write on it lol -_- 


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