Drama Behind The Scenes

Every year during the month of July/August, my school hosts the ‘Inter-house Junior Dramatics Competition’ This is the perfect stage for passionate actors and artists to showcase their talent for acting and production.

I, myself am an amateur actor. I have done acting for several years and was a part of the last year’s dramatics team for my house. This year, I had originally auditioned for acting but then I had a change of heart and changed my name for the production team instead. I knew I had a thin chance of getting in the team due to the super talented competition, but I still pursued it.

It would be understating it when I say that I was beyond shocked to find out that I was selected for in production team. We were about 5-6 eight graders, not known to the other, who were to make and manage all the props and technical stuff. Our theme for the dramatics was ‘’Fairytales’’. With such a motif, there were bound to be many props to be made. On forming a register of the props to be made, we released that we had to make – a well, a life size carriage, a big humungous door for the fairies to enter, there were shields to be made for the prince along with swords. These were just the main props, there were additional smaller ones to be made. For all of this we had ONLY 3 weeks!

We spent the first week preparing the structure for everything so that we only had decorate it the next week and so we would be done before schedule. The first week went smoothly with us achieving our goals, the team also acquainted with one another. We worked very hard to make the structure with elaborate wood work and a lot of glue-ing. The whole team worked over-time, staying back during breaks, after school hours and during class hours. I’m not complaining!  The whole structure overall, was looking majestic. That, along with completing our class work for the exams after the competition was hectic. But, we managed to work time out.

Unfortunately, someone destroyed our props in the storage room! At first, we were very disheartened and just wanted to quit. I mean, all our hardwork was all in vain. The hours put in, only so that someone comes and destroys it completely! I was so mad, everyone was! A very discouraged me just wanted to give up.

Lucky for us, our house mistress was very supportive and she understood how we felt. She gave us a pep talk, it was so inspiring, it made us grab our spray paints, our stationery and everything else that we needed and set to work harder than ever with a new fire burning within us.

Let’s just say, that things happen for a reason. Because when we were done with making  our props, they were looking so amazing and realistic and much better than before. To make such props in such a short period of time, was an amazing feat and required the team to cooperate with one another. Needless to say, the team became very close friends.

In the end, my house – the green house, did not win the prize for the best play, but we learned a lot of things like  the importance of teamwork and not quitting. The rumour was that the green house would have got the prize for the best props had it been given. A lot of teachers and students came forward to tell us how good our props were! Overall, it was a great experience, I even scored a small role as a raven in the play! XD


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