One of Mumbai’s best season is the monsoon. The monsoons occur every year around June in Mumbai. It is indeed a beautiful season with all the lush greenery, peacocks, snails and of course the puddles!

Mumbai monsoon has its fair share of terrifying experiences too. My most terrifying experience was when I was stranded at home because of the knee-deep floods that were outside. It was very scary. My parents were out of town for the weekend and so I was home-alone. Dark clouds circled the entire city as the clouds burst showering the city of Mumbai with water in a high speed.  The windows and doors of my house rumbled and vibrated as I ran around trying to latch them. The network connection was down, cutting me from any source with the human world. The lightning and the thunder scared me and so I wrapped myself in a number of cosy blankets. Soon, the rain had intensified and started entering my house. I jumped and fetched a mop to wipe the water and I jammed the leak with a cloth. I was scared and lonely. I just wished that I had some sort of communication with my parents. I got hungry and my cook wouldn’t come today because of the heavy downpour so I went to cook myself some food. Only on reaching there did I realise that the electricity had gone too. So, I settled for a simple meal of cold bread and butter. The night neared but there was no sign of the rain stopping. I just hoped that the night would pass in a flash and it would become morning when my parents would finally co e home. I lit up a few candles to keep myself warm and I tried to sleep. The horror books I had read back in the day haunted me no end. The stories of people with double sided personalities which changed with the seasons or the stories where the rain killed a person, kept me awake. I then decided to divert my attention to a story book, which worked pretty well.

Finally, it dawned to morning and the rain calmed. My parents reached home during the early hours of the morning. I knew that because I was up the whole night reading a book. I was so relieved to have them home with me. The moment they entered I told them about the previous night and they were very proud of my bravery in the situation. I myself, felt brave.


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