The Decision

About a few thousand – something years ago, there lived a universe entirely different. Here, a human was either good or bad. Either light or dark. Nothing in between. When you are born, you are sent down The Path in a sort of carriage. The Path is like a separation between the two worlds. That’s when everyone know where you belong – the Light World, ruled by Ekon or the Dark World, ruled by Mal. The sorting is usually done by feeding the child a piece of bread. On eating the bread, if the child turns blue, he belongs to the Light World. And if he turns red, he belongs to the Dark World. When the End of The Worlds occur, the world which has the greatest population survives while the other is destroyed.

One day, a baby boy was sent down The Path. His name was Askanaz. When the angels and the devil’s pawns fed Askanaz the bread, something unusual happened. He turned violet, a mix of good and bad, blue and red.

Seated at the thrones of their respective worlds, Ekon and Mal were both shocked as something like this had never happened before. After hours of heated arguments, they agreed to keep the child aside for now, at the Box, where they housed the banished, and continue the sorting. They waited and waited…. No more babies came that day which was very weird. No more babies came for days… then weeks… and finally five months.  The population count was equal in both the worlds and the years were numbered. It was obvious that Askanaz was the deciding baby, since there were no more babies being sent. But, that was not the end of the unusual activities… they were not able to come near Askanaz. It was like he was bounded by invisible walls. Those walls of his, restricted him from any human contact.

Then, on his sixteenth birthday, his invisible walls collapsed and the two worlds eagerly waited on his decision as to which world would he reside in. Both the worlds started getting anxious because Askanaz was unable pick a side. Who would win? Who would he choose? Finally, the devil, Mal decided to take action. He approached him, “Askanaz, my friend, I shall not waste any of your precious time beating around the bush. Let me get straight to the point, join us. You will become powerful, you can do anything you want. Together, we can reign. Imagine, having no one to answer to… no one to control over you… no having to follow rules. Just imagine what we could do together…” Askanaz indulged in Mal’s idea.

He was just about to join hands with the devil, when Ekon appeared. He said, “Askanaz my dear, do you really want to reign terror when you can help others? Imagine the joy of helping others. Picture a world which has rules, reasonable ones that is, no chaos anywhere. Living in peace and harmony.”

Mal, unhappy with the look of consideration in Askanaz’s eyes decided to interfere, “Boring, boring, boring. That’s just plain old boring. Your world will have no drama and your goody two-shoes angels will die without experiencing the pleasure of inflicting pain. You will die having no experience of thrill, no fun in living – just abiding by rules. Guess what, rules are made to be broken.”

Ekon felt the need to rebuttal, “Well, at least we will have a longer life span than your pawns. We don’t go around killing one another, but instead helping each other. And just for your information, we have our own non-violent thrills in life. Our thrills may be as simple as helping one another but there’s immense thrill in seeing a person smile because of you.”

Mal just mocked Ekon by laughing. The two rulers continued to criticize the other world and claim theirs as superior but Askanaz had zoned out. He was now confused. His heart pulled towards the Dark World but his brain knew that the Light World was the correct place. The inner turmoil irritated him. Deep down he knew he had to make a choice. But was it that bad that he wanted both? Was it very selfish on his part?

Askanaz closed his eyes for a minute. He knew that he was born for something great. He wanted to make his own legacy. He knew better than to be ordinary. “STOP!” he cried. The two fighting rulers, startled by his outburst became silent. Everyone was anxious for his decision. Little did they know, it was a new beginning. “We are all humans. We do not need to be defined by either “good” or “bad”. You can be both. You need not always have to right or always wrong. You CAN be both. You can be free. You need not live by ironclad laws or none at all. So here I am. I am giving you a chance to be free, up to a limit, though. You can be your own person. You can be “you”. I have both good and bad qualities in me, I’m not going to categorise myself. I will be both and proud of it. You can too. Join hands with me, let us destroy these stereotypes and start anew. We need a balance of both good and bad in our lives, not only one of it. I say, we all live together. LIGHT AND DARK! LIGHT AND DARK! LIGHT AND DARK!”, he started chanting. In a few minutes, someone else joined him. Then another… then a third and soon everyone was chanting this. Ekon and Mal were both livid and started fighting with one another, blaming the other for their interference in the subject and ended up killing each other.

In the end… The End of The Worlds did occur but instead of ending humanity, it created a new world. And today, standing here, we are their descendants. Each one of us has good and bad in us. How we turn out solely depends on which quality we channel. So, are you one of the Devil’s pawns or an innocent angel?


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