Chilli Cheese Toast

Usually, while cooking I just take the basic ingredients from the net and then experiment on my own. This is how I prepared my Chilli Cheese Toast. Ingredients required: (Serves 8) 1) 7-8 slices of bread. 2) 2 capsicums 3) 2 tomatoes 4) 1-2 tablespoons of butter 5) chilli sauce or tomato ketchup ( I... Continue Reading →


MUSIC, MUFFINS & MUNDANE Dedicated to all the passionate artists, cooks & writers out there! First off, I’d love to welcome you to my blog – The name of my blog describes me in 3 words... I love making new crafts and painting, But most of all, I love listening to music. Music helps... Continue Reading →


History of Bombay The city we know as Mumbai today, was just a cluster of seven islands known as Hepteneasia. They were ruled over by the Mauryans and passed through many indigenous dynasties before ceding to the Portuguese. The Portugese called them ‘Bom Bahia’ and gifted them to the English in 1661 as a part... Continue Reading →

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